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In 2015, The FBI has started an inquiry into accusations made against

top Republicans in the N.C. House of Representatives, including

Speaker Tim Moore, R-Cleveland for possible violations of campaign

finance law by Moore and others.


WBTV’s questions started with unitemized credit card charges Moore listed on his campaign finance disclosure forms between 2007 and 2015. Moore’s campaign has amended reports dating back to 2010 after an audit by the State Board of Elections. Moore was a sponsor of the 2006 bill that implemented the requirements to itemize credit card charges. There were also questions surrounding thousands of dollars in rent payments Moore’s campaign has made to a company solely owned by the lawmaker and, most recently, a contribution he accepted from a state contractor who donated $1,000 during session.


The other recipient: Rep. David Lewis who attempted to amend legislation this session to benefit the donor after his contributions to both Moore and Lewis.


More on Tim Moore: 


  • In 2018, A woman who was, at one point, House Speaker Tim Moore's fiancée was the only person considered for two state jobs after the speaker's office forwarded her resume – and only her resume – for consideration.The second job, her current one, was created by the General Assembly through a 2017 budget bill.


  • After a top aide to Moore left the legislature in April 2018, he continued to receive his paycheck. All told, he collected $81,700 in pay, state records show, and then he reported he was owed another $12,400 in unused leave. Those records show his last day as an employee was Dec. 31, 2018. Moore offered little explanation as to how an employee who worked full-time for about five years could accrue enough leave time to receive $94,100 after he stopped working. 


  • In 2019, the Campaign for Accountability, a nonprofit watchdog group focused on public accountability, called on North Carolina officials to investigate whether Tim Moore improperly used his position to seek preferential treatment from the North Carolina Department of Environmental Quality regarding a property owned by his company, Southeast Land Holdings, LLC.


  • In 2019, it was revealed that Moore, who has power over whether bills live or die, is suing a company making one of the biggest lobbying pushes of this legislative session: Duke Energy. Moore, R-Cleveland, is the lead attorney in a negligence case out of Cleveland County. House Rules Chairman David Lewis, who used to own a tractor dealership, was a paid expert witness in the case, testifying about the sort of tractor involved.

Since joining the House of Representatives, Moore has used his office to enrich himself. Moore has also received legal contracts for clients who benefited from legislation he helped carry through the legislature. In Fall 2018, a News & Observer investigation revealed he got a legal contract after helping usher along legislation to save a controversial Durham development, prompting the local District Attorney to ask the State Bureau of Investigation to investigate what she called “a pattern of the use of public position for personal gain.”

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