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Senate Majority Whip

NC Senate District 24

A lawsuit accuses a North Carolina state senator Rick Gunn,

sometimes referred to as ‘Senator Funn,’ of breaking up a marriage

by having an affair with his legislative assistant. Gunn is being sued

for alienation of affection and criminal conversation. North Carolina

is one of a small number of states that allow lawsuits on claims of alienation of affection and criminal conversation based on affairs. As Gunn’s legislative assistant, she was encouraged to spend time with the senator outside his working hours, respond to his constant communication immediately and travel alone with him. Gunn is also accused in the lawsuit of using his office as senator to destroy the husband of his mistress’s reputation and publicly embarrass and humiliate him.


More on Rick Gunn: 

In his final session, Rick Gunn sponsored a barrage of reopening bills that made their way through the legislature this summer. He sponsored a handful that attempted to reverse policies implemented by Gov. Roy Cooper in an attempt to slow the spread of COVID-19. Of course these bills were much more about staking a claim against Gov. Cooper than they were legitimate attempts to pass legislation.

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