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Rep. Larry Pittman is not a stranger to total fabrication and has

continually doubled down on his praise for Confederate General

Robert E. Lee and his criticism of President Abraham Lincoln when

he said “Lincoln was the traitor who repeatedly violated the



A Facebook post in which he asked readers to “praise God for such a great patriot and Christian gentleman as Robert E. Lee.” He also claimed Lee “hated slavery, and freed the slaves he inherited well before Lincoln’s War Against Statehood,” a statement with “no basis in fact” according to the News & Observer. Pittman has previously called Lincoln: “the same sort (of) tyrant” as Hitler. He has also proposed hanging Aborition Providers, and worked to end North Carolina’s ban on succeeding from the United States. His long history of encouraging violence and dangerous right-wing ideology should come as no surprise, yet Republican law pretends to be stunned silent every time. 


In June, Pittman gained national attention for his comments on weeks of racial justice protests, when he called protesters “ignorant thugs,” “criminals,” “domestic terrorists” and “vermin.” If protestors resist and attack police, he said the police should “shoot them.”


“This is war,” he wrote on Facebook Monday. “Our people have a right to expect our leaders to be on our side, not surrender to the lawless, godless mob.”


More on Larry Pittman: 

Even as coronavirus has put additional burdens on health and the economy, Larry Pittman has refused to expand coverage for testing & treatment of COVID.  His support for insurance companies on preexisting conditions could deny coverage for simply testing positive for coronavirus costing working families hundreds or thousands of dollars.  Even as the pandemic continues, Larry Pittman has mocked people staying home as “snowflakes” who are falling for the quote “hype” about coronavirus. 

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NC House of Representatives

District 83 

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