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NC House Majority Whip

District 59

On September 11, 2019 Jon Hardister helped orchestrate

one of the most heinous acts of partisan politics in history

of the North Carolina General Assembly. With barely half

of House lawmakers present and “more legislators off the

floor for a vote since 2010,” GOP lawmakers sunk to a new

low – even for the legislature that wrote the playbook on

power grabs.”


While Representative David Lewis falsely informed Democrats that there would be no voting on the morning of 9/11. Concurrently, Republican Whip Jon Hardister texted Republican members to tell them to be present at 8:30AM. Instead of negotiating on the budget and holding the override vote democratically, Republican Jon Hardister used “trickery and deception” to create “lasting damage to the legislative process” and erode trust in our government."


In an interview, Jon Hardister said that the Republican veto override ambush on 9/11 “was the right thing to do.” Hardister apparently thinks lying to the public by telling reporters and the opposition party no votes at 830” is the “right thing to do.” Of course we saw the reality: that Republicans intentionally held the vote with barely half of House lawmakers present and more legislators off the floor for a vote since 2010. 


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