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Lieutenant Governor of North Carolina (2013 - Present)

Republican Candidate for NC Governor

Republican nominee for governor Dan Forest continues to play

politics and spread lies about COVID-19 instead of putting the

health and safety of North Carolinians first.


Forest embarked on his politicizing of the current public health crisis early. In March, Forest was quick to criticize Governor Cooper’s decision to close bars and restaurants for dine-in service to help curb the virus’ spread. In response, the Charlotte Observer editorial board offered him a single word of advice, “Hush.” 


Forest has advised extremist groups to protest against Governor Cooper’s executive orders meant to keep North Carolinians safe. Ashley Smith, founder of extremist group ReOpen NC, known by many for lighting masks on fire in cast-iron skillets, said at one point she was “taking guidance from” Forest. In a video shared in the ReOpen NC Facebook group, Smith described a Zoom meeting with Forest, “He was so encouraging of our cause…and assured us of where his heart is at on this issue.” To date, Forest has refused to denounce the violence and xenophobia coming from ReOpen NC protesters. 


On July 1st, Forest sued the Governor over his executive orders to protect North Carolinians from the virus and to help control its spread. The political stunt, as predicted, blew up in his face. In August, Forest dropped the lawsuit.


Throughout his campaign, Forest has spread dangerous lies about COVID-19. He claimed more people have died from the flu than from COVID-19. According to WRAL, “there are several reasons why Forest’s comparison is neither fair, nor accurate.” He’s even claimed “masks do not work with viruses.” Again, fact checkers set the record straight and gave the claim a “False.”


Forest continues to hold in-person events without masks or social distancing. He also called for schools to reopen immediately with no safety precautions in place and no mask requirements for students or teachers.


There’s no other way to say it: Dan Forest is too dangerous for North Carolina.

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