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House Majority Freshman Caucus Whip

NC House of Representatives 

Chris Humphrey, a member of the North Carolina House of

Representatives, cast the deciding vote to kill an amendment

to make meatpacking plants safer for workers, and took a check

from interested parties. 


Humphrey took thousands of dollars from a meatpacking industry executive and looked out for their profits instead of our health and safety. Meatpacking plants are coronavirus hotspots and, Humphrey’s executive donor ignored safety guidelines and experienced an influx in coronavirus outbreaks.


Humphrey’s disregard for worker safety and our community’s well-being is highlighted through his response to the coronavirus pandemic.  Humphrey pushed for the government to open during the first waveHe not only ignored mask protocols, but co-sponsored a bill to give immunity to individuals who violated coronavirus safety orders.  


More on Chris Humphrey: 


  • In 2019, Humphrey voted to give a 1-billion-dollar corporate tax giveaway instead of prioritizing the underfunded public school system.

In 2019, Humphrey pushed through a project to secure $50,000 in taxpayer money to go to a non-profit directly connected to his wife.

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