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Before his facebook posts were getting him in trouble, Bob Steinburg

took $50,000 from Currituck County, set up a corporation for a brand

new "basketball tournament marketing" company, and is supposed to

"promote" Visit Currituck at a basketball tournament in Asheville.


Wolfestein Group, LLC was formed on January 30, 2017, after Steinburg approached Currituck County about promoting the tournament in 2016. The group was paid $50,000 to promote the tournament, most of which went into Bob’s pocket. Steinburg then introduced two bills:

HB349 – Currituck Developer Funds Road Construction and HB656 – COA/Construction Funds


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  • What does it take to lose your job — or at least get suspended  from it — in the North Carolina General Assembly?  Apparently, a felony indictment doesn’t matter. A Steinburg  legislative aide and top campaign aide to senate candidate Bob Steinburg,  was indicted on one count of larceny in 2018 but she stuck around Bob for a lot longer.  


  • Several social media posts by NC Senator Bob Steinburg (R-01) have been flagged and others removed by Facebook for “promoting alternative COVID-19 treatments.” It’s the second time Facebook’s attempts to curb the spread of misinformation have affected a post by Sen. Bob Steinburg. Steinburg’s racist social media tirades have made headlines this summer, but after he began promoting fake treatments for coronavirus, Facebook determined that his posts could “potentially cause harm” to the public.  At a time when North Carolinians are dying from coronavirus, Bob Steinburg’s advocacy for conspiracy theories is a grotesque abuse of public trust and an abdication of his responsibility to his constituents. 

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