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NC General Assembly District 53

Harnett County

Terms in House: 9 ( 0 in Senate )

(magazine letters)

David Lewis

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    Yvonne Holley is a proud native of North Carolina that was born and raised in Raleigh. As a child, her parents stressed to her the importance of courage and strong community leadership and compassion. They also ensured that she understood the necessity of education and public service. Her father, the first African-American TV broadcaster for WRAL-TV, allowed her at an early age to witness how strong leadership and hard work could make positive change for everyone in the community. 


    She began her education in the Raleigh School System, as one of the first African-American students at the then-newly desegregated Enloe High School. It was here where she began to work hard to cross the divide between her and her peers and form relationships despite conflict. Her commitment to bridging racial, political and other societal divides has been a defining quality her entire life. 

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